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Deliver or Ship

Anytime  Anywhere  Anyone



Consumer Services

Have items picked up and dropped off by empowering the human grid.

i-Transport Ship

Merchant Services

Businesses gain flexibility and speedier delivery services that help get products to consumers securely, faster, and more affordable.

Delivery Van

On-Demand Delivery

With our logistics channels, you can arrange to ship anytime, anywhere to anyone.

i-Transport - How it Works

How it Works

I-Transport makes on-demand delivery of goods simple, affordable, and predictable. Our patented technology helps consumers find a person to deliver your item anytime, anywhere - through a secure, simple, predictable and affordable process.


Imagine always having the world available at your fingertips to pick up and deliver your items anytime and anywhere. It's that simple!


Delivery made secure, simple, and affordable.

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Exploring the Streets

A Faster and Affordable

delivery alternative



I-Transport is the world's faster and affordable delivery alternative. Join our extensive network of community driven deliveries.


If you want to earn extra money by delivering items on your everyday route then register now as an agent. We also cater to bigger companies or fleets. If you can provide the logistics we would be glad to work with you.

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