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Patented Technology

I-Transport was granted a Patent on August 11, 2020 by The United States Patent and Trademark Office for the award winning technology empowering  I-Transport's ability to offer a strategic method and system for coordinating physical transport of an object utilizing artificial intelligence.


Patent NO. 10740716

Abstract Structure

Why Us?

 I-Transport seeks to solve and meet the demands for simple, predictable, and affordable delivery of goods.

​Deliveries of common household goods have grown exponentially through the advent of e-commerce disruptors i.e. Amazon, UberEats, DoorDash, etc.

Consumers demand alternative delivery options with a simple user-friendly technology that isn’t just cost-effective but reliable and secure – these market forces are driving retailers to identify new channels that enable them to ship goods for less cost through simple, predictable, and affordable methods.

Our patented technology will drive disruptive innovation to an industry that has been highly monopolized by a few market leaders, offering a new competitive advantage and savings to consumers.

I-Transport seeks to establish strong partner relationships with key investors, market leaders, and both domestic and global carriers who have demonstrable experience working with technology startups, and who have the capability to strengthen and expand I-Transports relations.


 I-Transport enables ordinary folks across various communities to help one another. That’s what we mean by Enabling the Human Grid, this community-based approach not only creates opportunities, but it helps us protect our environment. By enabling people to help deliver goods on their way to a routine route, we are preserving the need to use additional resources that consume gasoline, jet fuel, or other material that may be harmful to the earth.


We believe millions of gallons in gasoline consumption will be preserved, this does not only introduce cost savings from an OPEX perspective, it also lends a helping hand in reducing the carbon footprint creating sustainable opportunities to help our environment.

I-Transport Investor Timeline 2020
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Meet The Team


Henry Perez



Aristotle Souliotis



John Souliotis


I-Transport Delivery Services


Empowering the Human Grid

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