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Partnership Program

Join our extensive network of community driven deliveries. If you want to earn extra money by delivering items on your everyday route then register now as an agent. We also cater to bigger companies or fleets. If you can provide the logistics we would be glad to work with you.  

Our technology enables people to help one another deliver goods, this will potentially lead to saving millions of gallons in gasoline consumption. It’s not just a cost savings for commercial companies but it’s also a reduction in carbon footprint which would help our environment.

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Register as a delivery agent

Sign up as an I-Transport delivery agent today to learn how easy it is to deliver along your daily routine routes and get paid.

Commercial delivery agents

Are you a sole proprietor with your own fleet of delivery drivers? Do you want to pick up more business along your pre-existing routes and earn extra money? Consider registering to become a valued partner today.

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Executive Partnership Program

Does your company offer logistics services, want to expand with our technology to help you increase traffic – fill out the contact form and someone from our executive team will be in contact with you

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